Tuning into Intuitive Guidance


I believe that everyone is born with the gift of intuitive guidance. It’s that niggling sensation you get when you know something isn’t right for you. The gut feeling that tells you to just go ahead and take that risk. Intuitive guidance shows up in various ways depending on the person but regardless of how it seems to manifest in your life it’s purpose continues to remains the same. Your intuition is a special inner guidance system that works away quietly behind the scenes, helping to guide you in determining the best possible path to living a life that is true to you.

I’ve always felt strangely connected to my intuitive senses. It was something that I never really noticed at first but as I grew older and gained some life experience it became more and more apparent that my body was trying to tell me something.

Often people can feel intuition pull both ways, but in my life I first started to notice my intuitive senses when I was experiencing something that was out of alignment or wrong for me. This would often manifest in my romantic relationships, picking up on subtle energies from my partner or just knowing in my gut when something wasn’t right.

There were often times when I would just ignore the feeling, perhaps because I didn’t trust it enough at that point (on all occasions my gut feeling turned out to be justified). More recently I’ve started listening to those incessant little signs and I’ve noticed that I’m picking up on even more intuitive signals than previously. I can now tune into the intuitive senses coming from both directions, which I like to call in alignment or out of alignment.

If you’re interested in developing your connection with your intuition below are a few of the methods I currently use to tune into my inner guidance system.

Tips for tuning into your intuition

Know how to read the signs - If you are unfamiliar with the ways that intuition presents itself, it makes perfect sense that it might be harder to know when exactly it is trying to tell you something. Most commonly I am guided by a sensation in my body accompanied by a feeling (they don’t call it a gut feeling for nothing!). If something is out of alignment I feel it in the pit of my stomach, often accompanied by feelings of heaviness, dread and anxiety. If I am in alignment I feel expansive, peaceful and happy which is often accompanied by full body tingles. Everyone is different so you may receive your signals in a completely different way to me. The trick however is to be observant and remember to take note so that you can notice any patterns emerging.

Quiet your mind - Picking up on your intuition's often subtle signals can be incredibly hard especially when your mind is going at full speed, racing from one thought to the next. Quieting your mind can be as simple as taking a little bit of time out to just sit and be. You could meditate, practice yoga or go for a walk. It doesn’t really matter how you do it as long as you give yourself a chance to slow down and read the subtle signs that your body is trying to send you.

Journal - I personally find a lot of resistance comes up around journalling. I was originally under the notion that I needed to know exactly what I wanted to write about before I started. However after persevering I’ve found that I benefit most from journalling when I have no real structure. Often our unconscious mind holds the answers to so many of our deepest questions. Free writing allows a lot of these thoughts or ideas to make there way out of your head and onto the page.

Follow through - It’s one thing to notice the message your intuition is trying to convey, it’s another thing to take action. I’ve found that by far the best way to develop and tune into your inner guidance system is to actually take note and act upon the message you are receiving. The message may not always be what you're hoping to hear, but if you continue to ignore the signals it may very well blow up in your face. In this scenario the situation normally ends up being far worse than if you had taken action in the first place.

Jess xx