The Strength in Sisterhood


When I first started out on the path of healing and spiritual awakening it was a lonely road indeed. From what I can recall not one of my friends was following the same path as me (or at least weren’t publicly announcing it), which made the journey seem all the more tiresome and totally uncharted. I experienced countless moments where I honestly felt I was walking this path alone.

Now this feeling sat with me not for the fact that I was the only one heading in this direction, I could tell from my online findings that there was quite a big movement starting to occur in this area. However many of those people had already found their community (or tribe as many spiritualists like to call it), and I felt like an outsider looking in on this world.

You see the path was lonely because I felt I didn’t have the intimate support that I craved while doing this work.

I didn’t have any close girlfriends (or boyfriends) that understood what I was going through. I didn’t have a tribe of women I could turn to for deep emotional support, much less physical support of any kind.

I felt supremely alone in a sea of uncertainty.

It wasn’t enough for me to just be another face in the movement, I wanted to feel like I was a part of something much more special. I wanted to feel like I deeply mattered to others, and in return I wanted to show others how deeply they mattered to me.

Fast-forward 19 months to present day and I am only now starting to feel like I am truly a part of a community.

I spent a good amount of that time cultivating enough courage to actually start putting myself out there in an authentic way. All in the hopes of running across a like-minded sister or two that just got me deeply. You know, on that soul level.

After months of putting myself out there I can happily say I have finally found my women, and what’s even more exciting is the circle doesn’t end there.

Every chance encounter, event, or acquaintance is an opportunity for deep heart-felt connection and life-long friendships.

All that’s really required is a sense of openness, curiosity and a sprinkle of vulnerability.

As the eternal free spirit that I am, my soul sisters could never be confined to the parameters of just one group of women (that may work for some, just not for me).

My soul sisters come from far and wide and have manifested in my life in all manner of ways. Through the predictable road (courses and workshops) to the not so predictable road (the women’s toilet’s at a Sydney trance event).

These are the women that upon meeting each other there is an undeniable knowing that our souls decided to be friends long before we physically met one another. They are the women I share a deep heart connection with, just kindred spirits trying to navigate the sometimes rough terrain of life together.

Although I am so grateful for these connections, it saddens me to know there are women out there going through the exact same thing I was experiencing last year.

They are desperately seeking intimate support from other women, but haven’t a clue as to how they begin forming these magical connections.

Too many women are forced to deal with their fears, challenges and hardships alone.

Too many women are celebrating those sometimes seemingly small forward moving steps all on their own.

And far too many women have given up on their dream of creating a blissfully fulfilling life. Because without the unwavering support of a like-minded friend, having the courage to go after what you truly want can be freaking hard.

I'm telling you now beautiful, it really doesn't need to be this way. The meaningful connections you're craving so deeply happen to be a lot closer than you may have initially thought.

And I want to help bridge that gap.

That is why I created a Facebook group for this very purpose. To connect like-minded women while providing a supportive web of love for any sisters in need.

The Magic Makers Sisterhood is a sacred online haven open to any sisters that are looking to explore their inner magic and create meaningful connections with other like-minded spirited women. The community is a place for sisters to celebrate our wins together, seek support during times of struggle and to just connect with one another so that we realise the greatest truth, we are never alone.

If you feel called to connect with like-minded women in a truly authentic and supportive way, I invite you now to join us in the Sisterhood.  We don’t discriminate or exclude any women, our soul purpose as a group is to help lift others up so that they have the necessary support they need to start living their best life.

And quite frankly sister, we'd love for you to join us!

In love, light and magic (and sisterhood),

Jess xx

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