Right thing, Wrong time: Divine Timing


I have an important lesson I want to share with you all today. This lesson has been coming through loud and clear over the past couple of days, showing up in all manner of ways (blog posts, videos and advice). It's frequency over the past 24 hours has been a total reality check for me. Although at first it seemed like the lesson was in relation to my love life, it's become quite apparent that this lesson is universal and stands true in any area of life. The lesson is in relation to timing. If a seemingly right thing comes into you life at the wrong time, is this thing right or wrong for you?

My personal insight has led me to this answer. Absolutely no, it isn't right.

Some of you may object to this bold statement, I mean if something feels and looks right then surely it must be perfect for you, right? This may seem even more true if the thing in question is something you have been desiring for quite some time. So in response to any of your objections I'll say this...

Ever heard of divine timing? If something is truly right for you, the timing will not be off. You won't have to wait around for it or put pressure on yourself to make something happen. It will happen at the exact time it needs to because you are truly meant to experience whatever it brings into your life. Now that's not to say the thing in question might not be right for you at another point in your life. There might be a reason it feels so perfect for you and why you feel so drawn to it. However at this point in time, it would do you a lot of good to just release the control and let it go.

As humans we love to control outcomes, especially when it has a direct affect on our lives. We like to think that we know what's best and have a tendency to get very caught up in how perfect we think a certain person or experience is to us. Deep down I do believe we ultimately know what is right, however sometimes we can be a little delusional and get caught up in the fairytale of how we think things should or could be.

An example of this that I would love to share with you is a group mentoring program that I had my heart set on attending (I've decided to keep talk of my love life to a minimal in this post!). Everything about this program spoke to me. I had been wanting to work with this particular mentor for well over a year, yet knew financially one on one sessions with her were out of the question (at least for now). The course itself was specifically tailored to me, I felt like this program was the answer to my prayers!

Everything seemed fine and dandy except for the timing of the program.

Firstly I didn't have the time needed to save enough for the cost of the program. If I wanted to attend I would need to sign up via a payment plan which was ultimately more expensive (and in addition to my monthly coaching course fees was going to put me in a pretty tight situation financially).

Secondly as someone who is dedicated to personal growth I am already signed up to 3 other online programs that would all overlap with the timing of this program. I love to keep myself busy but I highly doubt whether it would be beneficial for my health or the other programs I'm enrolled in that I add another one into the mix.

Lastly I am only now in the process of gaining clarity around my coaching niche and who it is I would love to work with. I feel so compelled to really hone in on this in order to get crystal clear about who I really want to serve through my work and how to best do that. I feel like the program would be perfect if I had already gone through this process and had that added clarity to make the most out of the incoming information.

I keep thinking to myself, if only the program was starting 2 or 3 months later. It seems so utterly perfect for me and I know I would gain so much from working with this mentor. However the reality of the matter is, the program doesn't start in 2 months (or even next month), it's starts now.

When I feel into whether this is right for me or not, I can tell in my heart it isn't. At least not right now. All the elements effected by timing would have seemed insignificant to me if it was. I would have felt a strong pull to make it happen no matter what, just as I did in the lead up to Peru. The desire was there but the inspired pull was not.

So it's time to get really honest with ourselves. Is it really the right time? You're going to need to dig deep if you want the truth, you wont often find answers like this at surface level. No doubt your ego will jump in and tell you all the things you'll be missing out on if you let the experience go.  I'm here to tell you otherwise.

When the right thing at the right time enters into your life, that is when you'll know that this experience is truly perfect for you. There is nothing that will be able stand between you and your thing, and everything you experience will draw you closer into alignment with that which you desire not further away. It's time to release control, surrender to the timing and remember that what was meant for you will never miss you, and what misses you was never meant for you.

In love, light and magic.

Jess xx