Recurring Themes: Inner Strength


I’m sure my love for all things new age would come as no secret to many of you. No doubt it probably goes hand in hand with my hippie upbringing and alternative lifestyle. The deeper I dive into my exploration of spiritual concepts, the further my mind opens up to the fact that there is likely much within this Universe that we are unable to explain and understand. Although I’ve been using divination cards for almost a year now, it wasn’t until just recently that I’ve felt a stronger than normal connection to them. I’m not positive as to why this is, but I have a feeling it could be linked to my meditation and mindfulness practices (which I have become more dedicated to since returning from Peru).

What ever the cause my sense of intuition seems to be supercharged at the moment, as I’m noticing more and more card recurrences in my daily readings. Each day I shuffle my decks thoroughly and select a card at random using intuition. What seems to be happening more often than not is that I pull the exact same card as I pulled the day before (sometimes this occurs multiple days in a row). The recurrence of cards to me signifies guidance that may have been ignored from the previous reading, or themes that are playing out largely in my life at that point in time.

In the past week I’ve noticed a strong (and persistent) theme coming thorough in not only my tarot deck, but also my Goddess Guidance oracle cards. That theme is strength, and in particular it is referring to inner strength (rather than physical brute force).

Here’s a little about what each card is telling me...

Strength (The Wild Unknown tarot deck)

“Mastery of emotions”.

The strength this card refers to is found deep within, it represents inner strength and the power of the human spirit to overcome any obstacle.

Stay focused on what you want, don’t let setbacks dampen your spirit. You may feel inclined to rush things and push too hard but the key here is patience and perseverance. Be assured that you have the endurance to see things through to their eventual end.

Be aware of instinctual urges and reactions, acknowledge them but don’t allow them to rule you. It serves as a reminder to tame your inner beast and always come from a place or peace, love and compassion.

It highlights the need to transcend emotional impulses if spiritual wisdom and intuition are to be awakened. Don’t allow your emotions to control you or drown out your inner voice.

Sekhmet - Be Strong (Goddess Guidance oracle deck)

“You are stronger than you think you are and your strength ensures a happy outcome”.

This card is about embodying strength in all aspects. Don’t fall prey to playing the victim in situations, you are the creator of your own life and ultimately you always have a choice.

You are strong enough to handle feeling intense emotion so don’t be afraid to feel deeply. Your spirit is far stronger than any negative thoughts that may arise within your mind, have the courage to overcome them.

Owning your strength will help attract abundance in the form of new opportunities, allowing you to manifest your highest potential.

Stay true to who you are, own your authenticity and don’t be afraid to show people the real you.

So how does this relate to me and what can you take away from this?

For me self doubt is the epitome of all spiritual blockages. It rears it's ugly head around every corner, showing up in each facet of my life (it doesn't pick favourites). This is partly because of my perfectionist tendencies, I hold myself to ridiculously high standards that often feel overwhelmingly impossible to achieve. However this also comes down to feelings of unworthiness that, on occasion, creep their way into my mind.

I feel the recurrence of these cards is telling me to stop selling myself short. It's a lesson in authentic living, to have the courage to forge my own path in life and remain true to what my spirit needs. You should never be afraid to let your truth shine out into the world, no matter how weird or different others may think you are.

I also see it as a sign that hard work will eventually pay off. There are days when it all seems too difficult and I wonder if maybe all the hard work I'm putting in is for nothing. I can feel pretty defeated in times like this, but once again it all comes down to remaining strong during these moments. Having the patience to see my dreams through, and the courage to push through setbacks time and time again.

In love, light and magic,

Jessica xx