Peru: A Sacred Adventure


Both feet now firmly planted on Australian soil, I could quite easily have mistaken the past three weeks for a soulfully sweet dream. The pull I felt to visit Peru was much more than that, it was a calling. And after witnessing healing and magic of a profound nature on that sacred land, it's very clear to me why I felt the pull so hard. During my time in Peru I spent two full weeks travelling around Cusco and the Sacred Valley with my tour group Pachar Takiy. As a group of 26 soulful brothers and sisters spending practically every waking minute together, the lessons came hard and fast. The tour itself is the brainchild of Chrissie "Fire-Mane" Charley, a healing pilgrimage designed for deep self discovery and emotional healing complimented beautifully with the exploration of sacred Peruvian land.

As you could imagine embarking on a spiritual journey such as this you're bound to discover quite a bit about yourself along the way. Below are some of my greatest insights.

Nothing beats finding your soul family I feel incredibly blessed to have stumbled across personal development and spirituality at a relatively young age, however with this early development of awareness I found that so many of my old relationships and friendships were no longer supporting me in the ways necessary to continue my spiritual growth. I longed to find a community or tribe of like-minded souls that would not only support me along this journey, but that shared a common interest in my passion. A group of people that would completely understand my journey, no questions asked, and who I could in turn support. I found this in Peru. The intimate friendships that developed in a space of just two weeks are far deeper than I ever could have hoped for. I finally feel that I have found my soul family. A group of people that will be there for me no matter what, and will support me along my journey of self discovery no matter how many oceans or continents may lay between us all.

I am a highly sensitive person with a gentle nature I always thought of this as more of a burden than anything else, feeling so deeply that I sometimes couldn't get past the pain of a situation. I've come to realise that if anything, this is a blessing not a curse. To feel deeply in any situation whether we label it good or bad, is to be alive. A full life is a balanced life, and for that we must have both pain and pleasure. My sensitivity is what makes me uniquely me, and at the end of the day I wouldn't want it any other way because I feel I am open to experiencing and receiving so much more in each moment.

Which brings me to my next point...

I resist and repress the darkness within me I resonate so deeply with high vibrations and light energy that whenever I feel any darker thoughts creeping in I push them aside. Essentially I am rejecting a part of myself because I've labeled it as wrong. At the end of the day though we are all still human, and to achieve balance and fullness in life means accepting and feeling into that darkness when necessary so that it is expressed and not repressed.

I don't give myself credit where credit is deserved Spending three weeks with an incredibly insightful group of people has made me realise that no matter where we are on our journey, even the most spiritual among us still have inner work to do. It's a comforting reminder of the fact that we are all still human and are much more alike then we sometimes would like to think. My level of awareness around my emotions and thoughts made me truly grateful for all the inner work I had completed before my time in Peru. I have come a long way in the last year and I really don't give myself the credit I deserve for such an enormous transformation in my mindset. I guess the lesson here is to celebrate your wins frequently, and never sell yourself short.

Everything is sacred That's right, absolutely everything. Not just the rituals and ceremonies, not just the moments of wonder that make your heart crack wide open. Everything. We live a vast majority of our lives waiting for these moments before we give thanks to the absolute miracle that is life. Every moment we are alive is pure magic and should be treated as sacred, it's as easy as bringing a little more awareness into your every day life. Complete tasks with purpose and presence, and treat every moment as if it were as special or sacred as the next.

Jess xx

Image: Machu Picchu photographed by our talented group photographer Arterium