One year on...


The coming of August marks a momentous occasion in my diary. One year ago today I was different. I was lost, anxious, and felt so far from myself that I had forgotten what it really felt like to be happy. I had ventured far from my heart's path, abandoned in a tangled mess of my minds own doing. A serial over thinker, paralysed by choice and enchained by fear. This was a dark place for me indeed. Yet even through all the despair and sadness I felt, the Universe was doing it's darnedest to get me back on track.

One year ago today I stumbled across the world of personal development and spirituality. At the time I had no idea how greatly this (what felt like) small discovery would impact the course of my life. All I was really looking for was immediate relief to a situation that felt hopeless to me.

In August last year I commenced my work on The 90 Day Transformation Project, an online program run by life coach Connie Chapman. I really had no idea what I would learn from this work, all I knew was that the program resonated with me and I felt a strong desire to sign up. Feelings of desire were far and few at this stage so I jumped on even the smallest glimmer of hope that something would make me happy.

This work far exceeded any expectations I had of it. This work was life-changing in the best possible way.

The 13 week program guided me through work of a very personal nature. It dove deeply into some very big (and often daunting) topics; such as fear, self-love and conscious living. My up-bringing was by no means sheltered, but I had never really taken the time to personally explore these concepts on a deeper level. I'm not going to lie, the work was difficult. It brought up a lot of shit for me that I had been repressing for years. However around halfway through the project I started noticing major emotional and mental shifts occurring within me. Shifts of a profound nature.

I didn’t really know how to put a name to the changes that were taking place. In hindsight it is clear to me that I had begun the process of awakening my spirit. Discovering my true self, exploring my life’s purpose and returning my heart to it’s rightful state of love.

The course of my life has changed so dramatically since I started on this work and it doesn't stop there. This is the journey that never ends. Every day life assigns me sacred lessons for my soul, and through each lesson I am challenged to continually grow and constantly evolve. To be the best version of myself that I can possibly be. To be authentically me and to encourage others to explore this authenticity within themselves.

For some of you the above struggles may ring an alarmingly true bell. You may feel lost, stuck, alone, sad, anxious or uncertain. You may just feel like something is missing from your life. If this is true for you, I want you to know that you are not alone! Countless people stray far from their life paths, and I'm here to tell you honey that you can and will get through this. Not only that, but you will hardly recognise the person you are destined to be (that's how freaking awesome your life will be!).

For any one interested in signing up for the next round of The 90 Day Transformation Project (kicking off on Monday the 15th of September), I am offering any lovely ladies (or lads) who sign up through my affiliate link a 3 month mentoring opportunity to work with me over the duration of the project*. Think of this as additional support for your project work or anything else that may come up for you during this time. And yes I do participate fully in every round of the project (this will be my third!) which means we will be completing our work in unison, allowing me to support you even further.

Registration for the project opened yesterday. I hope you're ready for the journey of a lifetime!

Jess x

*Please note this offer is only valid for readers that choose to pay in FULL for the program, not the payment plan.