Music and movement: Portals to divine connection


I’ve always had an unusual connection and love for music. I grew up in a family of musicians. My sister and I both sang and tried our hand at the odd instrument. My mum sang, played piano and guitar, and for any of you that know my step dad (composer, choir leader, teacher and can play just about any instrument he can get his hands on), well enough said! Yes from a very young age I was thrust into the world of music and performance.

I was dragged along to Woodford Folk Festival during my primary school years (I couldn’t fully appreciate it at the time, sorry folks!), a member of every choir in the local area, and even tried my hand at an opera or two (even though the thought of singing in front of a audience terrified the pants off me!).

In all honestly up until quite recently I took at lot of my experiences and this connection for granted.

I thought it was normal for people to feel the way I did when I heard a melody that resonated with me. I assumed they too could feel the same energy that would send shivers up my spine and cause the hairs on my arm to stand on end. That everyone could instantly be transported to a state of pure joy and bliss from the simple placement of a perfectly positioned note in a song.

Music had the ability to tap into a part of me which at that point I didn’t even know existed.

These fleeting musical moments were in fact the first of many experiences that allowed me to instantly connect to my higher self or soul.

Lately I've become a little obsessed with the practice of dance as a tool for healing and awakening (more on that in another post!). I’ve found it to be a deeply transformational experience that has helped to lift denser negative emotions out of my body with ease. This whole time I was under the impression that it was the dance itself that I loved, I mean when I dance it feels damn good!

It wasn’t until a recent call with my life coach that I realised maybe, just maybe, I'd had it all backwards. That it wasn’t exactly the dance I was connecting to, but in fact the music that was playing while I danced.

For me the dance lost all meaning if not accompanied by the perfect song.

The way I see it music and dance go hand in hand. Dance is the form my body takes to express the music moving through my being.

Music is not something that simply moves me emotionally, it is a complete experience for me on every level. It permeates my soul, as it radiates through my entire system. Mind, body and spirit.

I have started to view both music and dance as sacred practices for divine connection. No longer do I just allow the sound to be processed through my ears, I eagerly drink in the vibrations allowing them to travel through my body connecting me to a much deeper experience.

The subject of music as a means for spiritual connection doesn't seem to be discussed that much in the online world. Every second article or blog post is about the benefits of meditation or the latest yoga fad, some of these even include reference to the use of mantras and sound for spiritual awakening. However I have never seen anything on the topic of every day music (pop, rock, electronic etc.), and how it can be used as a portal for connection between you and your soul.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the subject. Have you ever had a spiritual experience while listening to Beyoncé (because if you have we should definitely talk)? Have you ever used music as a means for divine connection and if so what were the songs that deeply resonated with you?

In love, light and magic,

Jess xx