Living in the flow + some exciting news


If life isn't meant to be hard, why do so many of us struggle through each day? Constantly coming up against obstacles, against things that continually test our patience and push our buttons. Over the course of my life I have faced resistance time and time again. Resistance to people, to ideas and events. Any situation I labeled as wrong was met with a brick wall of resistance pushing against it, and with this resistance came anxiety, anger and despair. Why did life seem like it was against me? Why couldn't things turn out the way I wanted them to? It was 'my way' or 'the high way' and I wasn't willing to budge. However my somewhat close-minded perspective on life automatically set me up for failure. I was too afraid to chase after anything that actually mattered to me. I wanted for things that looked good on paper. Hoping that each achievement I strived for would bring me closer to my 'dream' life, where happiness was plentiful and everything ran smoothly.

It's funny how bumpy the ride starts to get when you've inadvertently started travelling down the wrong path. Things get hard, nothing flows and everything is a struggle. I didn't think that life could be lived any other way. Up until that point I had only experienced a handful of events that gave evidence to the fact that life could flow effortlessly.

It really is amazing how effortless life can become when you let go of your plan, drop the expectations and just accept that maybe life has a better plan for you than you ever possibly could. Do you want to know the really special thing though? The moment you start listening to your heart is the moment you are automatically aligned with this universal plan. We get so consumed with thinking we know what's best, but when we actually stop to feel what is true for us it might go completely against what we originally thought.

I've finally reached a point in my life where things seem to be flowing. The catalyst to this moment was deciding to follow my heart on the most momentous level. Two weeks from today I will be boarding a plane to Peru where I will be spending 3 glorious weeks undertaking a spiritual healing pilgrimage. The moment I booked my flights for this trip was the moment I made a sacred pact with the Universe to make this happen, and the flow on effect from this moment has been nothing short of spectacular. With only 6 weeks to prepare for the trip and my departure from Sydney, I have felt little to no stress around the whole process. Abundance has been flowing effortlessly into my life enabling me to make this a reality, something I thought was impossible only 2 months earlier.

So do yourself a favour. Stop trying to push, pull and contort your life to fit into a predefined mold. Stay true to yourself and just allow things to happen. This doesn't mean sitting back and doing nothing, it means taking inspired action but holding no attachment to how things unfold. You never know where you might end up, but isn't that the beauty of it?

Jess x