Letting Go This New Year


I always enter a very reflective stage at the end of every year. With the new year on the horizon, it’s a perfect time to take a look at how the year has played out. As always it is a double edged sword, for all the joy and happiness that has entered my life there were equal amounts of fear, sadness and rejection. The yin and yang combined to create an expansive year for me; experiencing the darkness allowed me to fully appreciate how beautiful the light is. However even after all of the progress I’ve made, it’s clear to me that I’m still holding onto a lot of limiting beliefs that are holding me back. These beliefs are blocking me from feeling exactly how I want to feel, they gently tug at me trying to pull me back into the past. My journey into awareness has allowed me to observe and acknowledge these feelings as they come up, taking them on board as growth’s natural progression.

My intuition tells me that the year ahead is going to be a transformative year for me, full of expansive change. However I will not be able to fully experience this change without clearing these limiting blocks. For me to make way for the new to enter my life, I must first clear some space for it by releasing the old.

More often than not, I’ve found that having trouble letting go comes from an underlying fear of not having or being enough. In the past this fear has fiercely played itself out in my life, however my awareness of this feeling has allowed it to soften and begin to dissipate over time. In saying that I’ve realised that there are still a few problem areas that continue to come up for me. The following are just a few of the things I’ll be focusing on letting go of this year.

Past Fear

In the past I have wrapped myself up in old fears and beliefs, hoping they would protect me against future pain and suffering. However continuing to draw on past experiences is often the very thing that allows them to continue to play out in your life.


I’ve noticed I have a tendency to cling onto old relationships that no longer serve me anymore. From friendships to romantic partners, and family members. I often felt like the more people I had in my life, the happier I would be. It’s clear to me now that holding onto these relationships was never allowing space for more supportive and loving relationships to enter into my life.


Over the years I have accumulated a lot of belongings, the majority of which holds no purpose or value to me in my present life. The more freedom I crave, the more weighed down I feel by my possessions. I have already began the process of working my way through this clutter, ruthlessly clearing through the junk to create some space in my life.


I’ve come to realise I don’t need to live up to anyone’s expectations, not even my own. Isn’t it enough that I am showing up every day doing the best that I can, living my life the way that I see fit to in this present moment? Expectations aren’t healthy and carry with them a sense of control and obligation. They can be incredibly limiting on your full potential especially when dreams are involved.

I invite you to ask yourself what is it that you are holding onto. What is it that limits your beliefs and sets a road block up between you and the life you desire? Is it a person, a situation, or possibly a deeply engrained emotion? Acknowledge whatever it is that may come up for you and take the necessary steps to release it from your life.

Jess x