Kali: Embracing the Goddess of Transformation



You may be wondering where the name Kali comes from.

Kali. The messenger of change. The bringer of death, destruction, rebirth and transformation.

Kali is in fact my middle name. It seems rather fitting given the type of work I have gravitated towards, that my mother named me after this Hindu goddess.

Kali the - often misunderstood - goddess of death and rebirth, signals a revolution of change.

Since embarking on the journey of personal and spiritual discovery, Kali’s presences has been a constant in my life. Weaving her way through my experiences. Calling me to step up and out of the false illusions and more deeply into my truth.

Though her calls to me are constant, certain periods of transformation have been known to invoke her presence more strongly than others.

This is one of those times.

I have become fluent in reading the tides of my emotions. Fluid in riding the flow of my moods to maximise my energy levels. And today it became clear to me that Kali was demanding I honour her presence in my life right now.

Hauled up in my room, shut away from the world, the call for stillness and introspection was too loud to ignore. I had no other option but to turn inward and feel into whatever was present in this space.

The questions started to stream in.

What has been blocking my flow?

Where am I not embodying my truth?

What is no longer serving me?

What do I need to let go of?

How can I create more space to welcome in the new?

Like the serpent, I have shed my skin many times. In this lifetime, 3 occasions in particular clearly stand out as pivotal moments in my history. Each time I was called to dissolve and release the person I was, in order to be born again to become the present version of myself.

Since my trip to Peru, these shifts have become smaller, more frequent moments. Though given the current energy surrounding me, I can tell that another larger transformation is on it’s way.




Kali is not one to be feared. Though her energy may be fearsome and somewhat destructive at times, her message is simple. A death in some form is essential if you are to be reborn.

Yes, the change that comes with this rebirth can be terrifying at times. So terrifying that we cling to the old structures, beliefs and relationships that no longer support us and the growth we desire.

Ultimately though, the only way out is through.

Above all, Kali calls for us to surrender. Though we may resist her call at first, she continues to return reminding us that there is no other option. We can deny our truth, but we can never avoid it. Truth is the only path forward that allows us to fully and deeply embody all that we are and all that we have the potential to become.

So when Kali comes a knockin’ at your door, do not shy away from her power and importance. Welcome her in with gracious and open arms allowing her a place within your soul.

Acknowledge and embrace her presence so that she may finally begin to weave her magic, sewing the seeds of transformation in your life, birthing you anew.

In love, light and magic,



[Image - Edited by Jessica Kali]