Following your heart and it's impact on others


Today I really wanted to talk to you about the importance of living from your heart. More often than not we probably only consider how living from the heart will effect us on a personal level, increasing happiness and improving our quality of life. Speaking from someone who is relatively new to heart-driven living, I've realised there is no greater joy or freedom than feeling like you are living authentically and completely true to yourself. However something that I feel is equally as important and often gets overlooked is just how important following your heart can be in regards to others. Since commencing my journey of inner transformation, I have experienced the most incredible shifts in my inner and outer world. The most notable of these shifts being my improved moods, decreased stress and anxiety, and an increased sense of fulfillment that comes with living in the moment. All of this happened on my own accord and of my own choosing. I was not happy with my life and I decided then and there that something needed to change. I had begun to set the wheels in motion.

It wasn't until something (not so unexpected) happened in my life that things really started to kick it up a notch though. Often when you start making big inner changes on a personal level, your outer world and relationships begin to transform to align with this new way of living. For me this outer reflection manifested itself in the form of a break up. You see as much as I loved my partner wholeheartedly, I had lost myself in the relationship and was too consumed by it to take the risks that my heart was calling me to take in order to grow.

After months of emotional ups and downs after the initial break (admittedly I don't think they have fully passed yet), I have reached a certain level of clarity around it all. He has shown an immense amount of courage in following the signs of his heart, something I greatly respect him for and appreciate now. In following his heart he has inadvertently challenged and pushed me to live from my heart more fully. Following the break up I dove even deeper into my inner work and personal development, I started taking risks that made no sense to the logical mind and I've actually made a few life changing decisions that I can't wait to tell you more about in the coming weeks.

My point in all of this is that you can't underestimate the importance that living from you heart can have on the path of others. Holding yourself back from what your heart is calling you to do not only impacts your life experience but it also can change the course of others. You can't live your life worrying how every decision you make is going to effect those around you, because ultimately they are on their own journey as well. They might have something very valuable to learn from the experience you create, so who are you to decide what is right or wrong for them. All you can do is live in accordance with your truth and trust that every experience or event that you create from living in alignment with your heart was necessary for someone else to experience as well.

Jess x