Dealing with Uncertainty


Today I was planning on writing about my freaking stellar experience at Belinda Davidson’s Advanced Energy Anatomy and Medical Intuition workshop over the weekend. Though it appears that post will have to wait as life has other plans for me.

Yesterday I received a dose of somewhat shocking news. In short due to restructuring within the company my stable permanent role as a graphic designer is no longer needed.

Hearing those words, we’re going to have to let you go are pretty much right up there with majority of people’s worst nightmares. The panic quickly sets in and the thought of how exactly I’m going to pay my bills in a month takes the forefront.

Once again I’m faced with the uncertainty of not knowing what exactly lies ahead.

Even though at times I have willingly chosen to leave stable employment for a life of more freedom and flow, this was not at all a part of the plan I had envisioned for myself.

I wanted to move forward with my business at my own (admittedly slow) pace.

After getting over the initial shock of the situation I am beginning to see how much of a blessing this truly is for me.

A part of me was clinging onto that job for no other reason than it allowed me the freedom to work from home and supplied me with a steady paycheck.

However if I’m going to be completely honest with you I had grown tired months ago of the somewhat repetitive work that was no longer challenging me to think creatively. At times I had thought about moving on, however I think I was largely being held back by the fear of not being able to find something better if I left.

I had also been pushing out my business timeline, sacrificing what I really wanted for stability.

I had planned to continue like this for about another 6 months before moving into part time work, only working on my business after hours and on weekends so that I could save a little nest egg to fall back on. Though all the while there was a part of me that quietly resented my permanent job for taking so much time away from the things I was truly passionate about.

Although it happened in a somewhat shocking way I am by no means surprised by this.

I was sending out clear signs to the Universe that I wasn’t truly happy in that role, and with lightening speed the Universe delivered a cold hard dose of reality and gave me my marching orders “It’s time to step up!”.

Although it’s all well and good for me to be sharing these insights into my personal life, I am in fact sharing all this with you for a reason. So that you, like me, can learn something valuable from this experience.

Being thrust into unemployment made me seriously reevaluate exactly how I deal with uncertainty in my life. Mentally exploring all the ways I could make this experience the most heart-filled and nourishing transition into a situation that actually suits me better.


I want to share with you the practices I have undertaken in the past 24 hours to ensure that I’m off to a good start with this. The key focus being on looking after myself and keeping my vision firmly fixed on what exactly I want to create during this time and in the not too distant future.

+ Before I had even left the board room where it all went down, a lovely lady in our recruitment team (who is also a life coach!) helped my piece together my plan of attack. I wrote down 12 actions that I wanted to achieve over the coming days in regards to caring for myself and searching for new employment. This process helped bring me back to the present moment, deeply rooting me in what needed to be done rather than getting caught up in the fear around this situation.

+ When I got home I showered straight away. Having a hot shower or bath is a super effective way to help relax and release built up emotion. Connecting to the element of water in this way can help you improve the level of ease in your experience and encourages emotions to flow freely outward (hence the reason we cry tears!).

+ I made myself a yummy homemade chai. It’s a special treat of mine and I honestly haven’t found a chai I love better than the one I make at home. It's important to show yourself as much love as possible when you're dealing with shock and uncertainty, and for me this drink represents comfort and treating myself. A lot of internal processing occurs when heavy stuff like this goes down, so looking after my wellbeing through self love and care is by far my main priority.

+ I amped up my chakra balancing and meditation practice. While unemployed I’ve committed to twice daily chakra cleanses through my chakra yoga practice and Belinda Davidson’s chakra cleanse meditation. Both practices get my energy high vibing and that’s the frequency I want to be emitting to the Universe right now while I call in new work.

+ I contacted my support team (comprising of mum, sister and my two best friends). Regardless of how well I feel I’m coping with this huge change, it's important for me to feel supported by those I love in case any unexecpted or challenging emotions begin to arise.

+ I gave my office a spring clean. Making sure my office is looking lovely and super inviting is really important to me as I spend a lot of time at my desk. It was also a good chance for me to sage the area clearing any unwanted negative energy that may have been hanging around from my permanent job.

+ I've consciously decided to leave myself a few days to process everything before heading online to look for new employment. This is for two reasons. Firstly I'm prioritising my self care at the moment - I want to stay healthy and positive. Secondly I want to allow time for any internal guidance regarding my next steps to come through in my daily meditation practice.


Next on the chopping block I will be creating a vision board (to get super clear on what I want to bring into my life right now) as well as dedicating some serious time to writing my ebook (yep it's official, get excited!).

At present there is little fear within me around the whole issue of money (or lack thereof). I'm feeling a calmness and peace around this that makes me feel like I am completely and divinely supported in this experience.

If anything despite the uncertainty I am genuinely excited about the start of my next adventure into the unknown. It's another unexpected opportunity to stretch myself even further, continuing to add to my spiritual growth journey.

In light of all this, I will be opening up some additional spaces in my schedule for soul or chakra mentoring and freelance design clients. Up until now I have only be available on weeknights and weekends for this work, however moving forward I will be available what will most likely be on 2 weekdays as well.

If you're interested in working with me during this exciting time I'd love to hear from you! You can download my mentoring packages here, or alternatively shoot me an email at with any of your enquiries.

To finish off I'd have to say I've always been a big believer in looking out for divine signs from the Universe. The timing around this event couldn't have made things more clear to me that now really is the right time to dive head first into my business. Not in 6 months time like I initially thought, but right this very second.

Here's to embracing uncertainty and the wild unknown!

In love, light and magic,