Celebrating the Small Stuff


Sitting down to work this morning, you couldn't wipe the smile off my face if you damn well tried. I look around and instead of seeing the makeshift confines of my office space in our new Blacktown warehouse, I'm greeted with familiar objects. My sturdy wooden desk, supportive desk chair and a vision board filled to the brim with inspiration. This morning is different. Today a dream came true for me. By what seems like some weird twist of fate, a recent office move out to a distant Western Sydney suburb has seen me granted permission to work remotely from home (could someone please pinch me, is this actually real?!). However I know there is nothing weird or random about this, in all honesty this is something I've been wanting for the past, well let's see, maybe 10 years!

Ever since I can remember I've wanted to work from home. I thought it was some unattainable dream that only future Jess could enjoy. I kept telling myself when my coaching business was set up I'd be able to enjoy the lifestyle that came with entrepreneurship. Flexible working hours and a home office. I had already decided that full time freelance designing was not for me, and in this decision felt that I had given up any chance of making this particular dream a reality (at least for another year or two!).

But my desire for the dream was still strong. I would secretly envy those I met that were working remotely in their roles or successfully running a business. I would day dream about how amazing it would be to have a little extra time during the day. Wandering down to the beach to take in the morning sun while not having to compromise and lose out on sleep. Practicing a quick yoga sequence in my lunch break if I felt stiff or sore. Getting started on cooking dinner early so that I could digest my food long before bed and have a peaceful night's rest.

This my friends is a win. And yes it may not seem like the win of a lifetime, I mean hey I'm still working for the man 9-5, it's a win none the less. It's manifestation in my life has the potential to impact me in a profoundly positive way, allowing me to move forward on my larger goals and desires with quicker progress.

I want to know when it was that we stopped celebrating the smaller wins? It can be very easy to discredit our smaller wins because they aren't exactly where we want to be. We break our goals down into sizable chunks so that they can be worked away at, yet we rarely seem happy until we've reached the final destination or end goal. What about all the smaller steps along that way, aren't they equally as important and worthy of celebration? I mean without them we wouldn't have been able to reach our goals in the first place.

So I'm putting it to you my dears, where in your life can you celebrate a small win today? Better yet, where in your life can you celebrate a win of any size? Let's not wait until we've reached that final goal before we give ourselves the encouragement and recognition that is deserved. Life is unpredictable at best, and if you continue to wait for completion before you feel worthy of celebrating, you may end up waiting a very long time.

If you feel moved to do so, please share your wins in the comments below. I'd love to hear what's making your life magical at the moment!

In love, light and magic.

Jess xx

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