Awakening Intuition: My weekend with Belinda Davidson


NOW THAT THE SHOCK (AND EXCITEMENT) FROM TWO WEEKS AGO HAS BEGUN TO DIE DOWN, I'D LOVE FOR YOU TO TRAVEL BACK IN TIME WITH ME TO MY WEEKEND AWAY WITH BELINDA DAVIDSON. Some of you may already know who I’m referring to or have heard me mention her name before. For those of you who are fresh on the scene, Belinda is the Queen of the Chakras here in Australia (or at least that’s what I like to call her) and happens to be one of my mentors.

I stumbled across Belinda’s work just after my spiritual awakening took place.

At the time I kept a close eye on her but resisted diving into her work as I just didn't feel ready (the amount of content surrounding me was a little overwhelming at that point). However fast forward a year to my arrival back in Sydney and at the last minute I was pulled by an undeniable force to sign up for her online program The School of the Modern Mystic (or SoMM as it’s affectionately referred to by it’s members).

I’m not sure what that pull was, hell at that time I didn’t even really know what the program was about, but something had begun to stir deep within me and that was around the time I began to say a big fat YES to anything that tugged at my heart strings.

It turns out signing up for SoMM was one of those life-shifting moments, as this was the course that really began to open me up to the magic of the chakras and the power of my own intuitive gifts.

Needless to say when I found out Belinda was teaching a two day intensive workshop on Advanced Energy Anatomy and Medical Intuition I absolutely jumped at the chance to learn from the master in person. At the workshop I was actually told I was one of the first people to snapple up an early bird ticket to the event (eager beaver? ‘fraid so!).

As expected the workshop did not disappoint.

Belinda’s practical and grounded approach to energy and intuitive work is easily digested and totally comprehensive. But most of all she is super practical and lays it all out for you straight, step by step (hallelujah, can I get an amen!). This woman really knows her stuff and is a total fountain of wisdom that I eagerly and unabashedly drank from.

My absolute highlight from the weekend (other than meeting many of my SoMM sisters in person) was having my energy field and chakras diagnosed by Belinda herself.

As you may already know I have a slight obsession with chakra work and am extremely dedicated to my practice. So standing up in front of the group and having Belinda confirm what I had already felt to be true around the state of my chakras was the confirmation I really needed to start trusting in my own inner guidance more.

Not only was I blown away by the fact that she could pinpoint the time frame around my spiritual awakening and individual chakra progress, but having someone of her knowledge and expertise tell me my chakras are looking great and to keep up the good work was beyond amazing (yes I was having a total fan girl moment ladies!).

Rather than giving you full blown run down of the workshop (sorry sisters, you’ll have to experience it for yourself) I’d love to share with you my key take away from the weekend regarding heightening your intuitive gifts.

How many of you are aware that awakening your psychic and intuitive gifts basically comes down to how dedicated you are to awakening your senses?

This was not by any means a new idea to me. In fact I’ve read similar information regarding psychic development on various blogs. In fact I was already starting to become more aware of my senses through my existing interest in tantra and mindful living.

However the place I feel I was falling short with this was that even though I was becoming more aware of my senses, I wasn’t actually working them.

I wasn’t flexing my intuitive muscles hard enough to see substantial results. I would equate this to going to the gym and holding the dumbbells in your hands but not actually using them. Sure you’re aware that they’re there and can feel them in your hands, but you’re not actually using them in the way they were intended.

All of our intuitive and psychic gifts come through one or more of our senses. These being; sight, sound, touch, taste, smell and feeling. It is through this heightened sensory awakening and development that we are able to accurately perceive all that is.

We all have the ability to develop our sensory skills far beyond the physical world, however most often people are so desensitised from their worlds that they are impervious to the subtle impressions they are already receiving. And in some cases (such as my own) they doubt and lack trust in their ability to accurately interpret what they have received.

As I mentioned previously Belinda is all about practicality, so you can bet your bottom dollar she sent our senses straight to work.

Thus the workshop element began! With partners we dove head first into energy field diagnosis and past life reading, many of us surprised by how accurate our impressions turned out to be. Most importantly though she really got us thinking about how we are receiving our guidance and impressions. After reflecting on the experience and her teachings I realised that my number one predominant sense is actually touch, not feeling or sound like I initially thought.

That realisation was a total game changer for me as once you become aware of your predominant intuitive sense, you start to become far more perceptive with that sense and begin to pick up even more.

The key thing to remember here though is that the impressions really are super subtle at first. Mindfulness and full body awareness are huge factors when it comes to discerning where the impressions are coming from, so getting still and centred goes a long way when it comes to developing in this area.

Have you ever thought about what your predominant intuitive sense is? Be sure to leave a comment below and let me know what you think it might be. Maybe you even have two or three, I know that’s the truth in my case.

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

In love, light and magic,